Who we are and how we can help…

We are independent freelance consultants; we believe that having a collaborative approach and outside perspective will provide companies with executive talent on a frequency that is meaningful to their business needs.

We work with brilliant companies as executive collaborators, emerging tech strategists and communication leaders to uncover solutions that drive growth.

Executive Collaborators

Aligns, defines, designs and refines organizations for growth.

Our Executive Collaborators provide expertise in identifying significant growth opportunities, work with teams to develop a “test and learn” strategy, prototype ideas, establishing a business case, iterate in-market to create revenue-driving products and experience offerings.

Current portfolio includes: Internal/external alignment workshops, landscape analysis, establishing growth strategies, designing innovation frameworks, prototyping revenue-driving offerings, architecting teams and strategic partnerships.

Business Innovation Strategists

Identifies what is now, next and why when it comes to emerging tech.

Our Business Innovation Strategists provide expertise in understanding the current technology landscape with a clear point-of-view on what and how emerging tech will impact businesses for growth.

Current emerging tech portfolio includes: Quantified Self, Connected Home, Integrated Play, Fashion Tech and Connected Brand Experiences

Exploration includes: Enhancing user experiences across all platforms: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Internet of Things (IOT), Connected Communities (Social Media and E-commerce) and drones.

Communications + Digital Marketing Leaders

Creating connected experiences to share stories with the world

Develops short term and long term communication plans that align with the company’s strategic vision and business goals.

Portfolio includes: digital strategy, product development and digital marketing (web, mobile, social, eCRM and content development), combined with traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, experiential, etc.).

Currently: Facilitates community events, conferences and speaking engagements during industry-led events.

Global Product and Brand Experience

AT&T, Mercedes‐Benz, Nestlé, Honeywell, Vodafone, MINI USA, Dell, Shell, Sleep Number, The Economist, AMD, AutoTrader, Silvercar, Royal Bank of Scotland and Seagate

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